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“What happens after the leap across the abyss?”

Photo credit: Oxfam Canada
Still from documentary
Chandita Mukherjee, executive director

The stories selected were centered on women protagonists whose lives told the story:

 A Tibetan woman refugee activist in India works on exposing human rights abuses in present-day Tibet while dreaming of returning home one day, director Afrah Shafiq.

 A Syrian refugee family struggles to put down roots in Tunisia, director Khedija Lemkecher.

 Two women leaders of indigenous communities in the Philippines, both groups evicted from their homelands in the name of development, struggle to get back their lands, director Erika
Rae Cruz.

 A Syrian refugee group with asylum status in Canada form a food collective, a means of income and of integrating into a new society, but with the challenges of running a business, director Eva Anandi Brownstein.

Credit: UNHCR
Still from documentary
Still from documentary

The wide release of such a documentary is an uphill task. Green Comma would like to assist in bringing the documentary to viewers in the US through a variety of venues and welcome your suggestions and interest.

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